All the baby birds we sell have been bred by us in our own aviaries and are hand-reared (spoon-fed) using kaytee formula + human baby fruit foods. They are all closed rung (identifiable) and come with their own Hatch Certificate & Information/Diet sheet.

They will be very tame and friendly when they are weaned & ready to go and are guaranteed healthy when they leave us.

We offer support to new owners for as long as they need our help, we are always available via e-mail or phone.

If you choose to buy from us then you will receive, via e-mail, regular updates of your baby bird's progress. Unfortunately, due to a number of people saying that they wanted a baby bird and then changing their mind at the last moment, we require a small non-refundable deposit of £25. 

For the availability of baby birds then click on this link or use the above menu (For Sale -> Baby Birds). Every so often we have aviary birds available, which can be seen at the following link or use the above menu (For Sale -> Aviary Birds).

Current price list (as at January 2020) for hand-reared ( & parent reared) babies is as follows:

Breed  Price 
Crimson Bellied Conure.    (hand reared) £295
Pineapple Conure.              (hand reared) £195
Black Capped Conure.       (hand reared) £175
Cinnamon Greencheeked Conure   (hand reared) £175
Cockatiels (all colours).        (hand reared) £95
Rosa Bourkes  (parent reared).                        From £35
Silver Diamond Doves (parent reared).                      £12