I first discovered MKB BIRDS website via the Internet Search.   After looking around on their website I felt it was time to make a phone call and have a chat . After speaking to Muriel & Keith on the phone It became quite clear they knew what they are talking about;  the  service and knowledge was outstanding.   A few weeks later I picked up my blackcap conure (baby ). The baby I purchased was in very good health and condition ,  Muriel & Keith advised me on  the type of cage I would need to home a conure  as well as the type of food and fruits etc .

It's now been 5+ months and I have to say my blackcap (now named Buddy) is well settled in at my home , I am absolutely amazed on how buddy is.   He starts talking to you first thing in the morning when you get up,  likes to spend a lot of time playing and  is very very tame.  A few of my friends have seen Buddy and they are speechless.

In summary I would definitely recommend anybody on purchasing a bird from MKB birds Their knowledge is excellent , Muriel & Keith  are both very friendly people (very genuine), always willing to
listen and share yours and their experiences .  The after Sales service (should you require it ) is also excellent.

I would like to personally say thank you to Muriel & Keith for my wonderful bird & maybe purchase another one in the future ( or 2-3 lol ) .


Kind regards

David in Great Yarmouth .


5 August 2013