I just thought i'd send you a bit of an update on little greencheek 17, and

check that you were still ok to look after her over the weekend and next

We've called her Lily, and over the past few weeks, she's settled in really

She learned to step up very quickly, and loves coming out and spending time
with us. She goes mad for the big dried chillies, and is really keen on apples,
grapes and plums too. She's incredibly cuddly and has fallen asleep in my hands
on many occasions. Lily's a really good, super tame little girl, cheeky and
inquisitive. and has adapted to us both pretty quickly. She loves being around
people, and makes a fuss to be let out and handled whenever we're around. We
both love her lots!

The budgies are a little wary of her, but they're like that with
everything. Dave has flown up to her a few times to investigate, she's very good
around them.

She's a credit to you both, and your hand rearing. I would recommend you to
anyone who is thinking of getting a bird.

I think everyone on facebook is sick of seeing pictures of her! I've
attached a few photos (I've taken hundreds!)

Thanks so much for your good work.

all the best,