Many thanks for china my painted conure baby.  she is such a sweet heart 
and a joy to own and she is so cheeky i might have to rename her cheeky!!   She 
is a credit to yourselves as she is so sweet and trusting that i would recommend 
your birds to friends and family. She has settled in really well and loves to 
torment the dog!!  Her favorite thing to do at the moment is to wait until the 
dog is asleep and then creep up to him and tweak his ears!!  He jumps and she 
legs it back to me and looks like butter wouldn't melt!!  Poor dog doesn't know 
what has hit him.  She is very interested in my cockatiel but he is showing no 
sign of being interested in her.  When she wants you to stroke behind her neck 
she will nibble your fingers until you give in then if you stop she squeaks 
until you start again!!  Again many many thanks for such a wonderful cheeky bird 
who is sure to carve a huge place in my heart.  if anyone wishes to hear my 
comments first hand Muriel can give you my email and i would be happy to give a 
personal reference for her wonderful birds. jackie west yorkshire