Hi Muriel:)

The trip home had no problems, he sat in a corner in the box snoozing for most of it and I let him sit on my hand when we stopped. I was a bit worried at how he slept because he didn't want to sit on any perches, just hung on to the side of the cage and slept like that until the morning and this morning he's been sleeping on a perch now and getting used to the cage...of course he already prefers our shoulders if he gets the chance to. He even flew over to the bed twice to be able to sleep on my shoulder instead of his cage. he didn't want any fresh veggies yet but he's found his seeds now and started eating, will buy him some grapes and apple this morning to see if he prefers those to the veggies. He's got used to us quite fast and is so adorable, even learning to "step up" on command already.

Once he's used to us I think he'll let us touch him more, he doesn't like being petted too much yet and keeps testing our fingers with a few nips but I'm sure that's just because he doesn't trust us yet.

Must say though he's so beautiful, we love him already and it was well worth the drive to come and pick him up, so so happy. So far I've only been a bit concerned about how he wanted to sleep but I think he's found his way on the perches now, maybe I'll buy him a bird tent soon. I think today he's still tired and adjusting so it can only get better:)

will keep you posted regularly and send some photos soon as well.

Thanks again so much for all the hard work you both did at raising him,

Take care,