Oh Muriel, he is absolutely amazing.... everything I wanted and more... we all adore him, I cannot believe how wonderful he is.

You have done an excellent job with him, he is so easy going and has just slotted straight into the house.

It all started in the car... he let me know twice that he wanted to come out for a nosey, So I trusted him and got him out, he was fascinated by the cars and lights and rain drops and wind screen wipers, he was the perfect angel.

When we got him home the girls and my mum were waiting for us, so they all had a hold (again he was unfazed and actually seemed very amused).

So we popped him in his cage and he found his way around and played with each toy and threw a bit of seed around... and gave me a few heart attacks with his lack of grace at the top of the cage.

He was out again last night and popped in to the bath room to see the girls in the bath.

had his cuddles on the sofa, back in his cage for 8pm, he had quite a bit of seed and a good few drinks of water... ignored his fruit!! we dimmed the lights at 8.30.

He saw the cats and the dog through the cage and was curious but not scared.

All in bed for 9pm... a long day.

This morning I found him right at the top of his cage, asleep at the top of his bungy, he flew for the first time this morning...seems to have taken a liking to little gracie and kept flying on to her head... much to her amusement.

He flew to the table for breakfast with the kids and took great pleasure in throwing their colouring pencils onto the floor one by one!!! the kids were creased over laughing... and he was more than happy to please the crowd!!

he had his first shower in the bath room this morning and seemed to really love that and he is back in his cage drying off.

WOW what a lovely little chap he is... cannot thank you enough.

A very happy Paula and Family.