Hi Muriel,

Hope everything is ok for you and all your parrots. Kia has settled in very well and is truly a brilliant little parrot with his own cheeky personality. He and Rio are getting on really well and love sitting with one another preening and cuddling up. They haven't had any more scruffs and everything is fine. They both are still very lovely and tame and as well as Rio getting lots of cuddles from Kia we also get to cuddle up with him on the sofa and give him a tickle behind the ears. He is eating well and is also enjoying the new food although i am still mixing in the food you provided but just reducing the quantity each time.

He enjoys his fruit and veg every day, and absolutely loves grapes! He also gets treats such as millet, monkey nuts and treat sticks which Rio also absolutely adores and probably couldn't be without.

They are always out and about flying around, and like you said Kia follows Rio everywhere she flies although he flies to us as well when Rio does and also on his own on occasions. He has also learnt to step up, which he learnt really quickly and is very happy to come everywhere on your shoulder or head, as well as Rio is.

Kia has also moved into his bigger cage now and is fine although he's only in it at night to go to bed.

He is also starting to make different noises now rather than his baby one although it is very sweet but i think he's found his louder voice and when Rio starts sqauking at the top of her voice, kia also joins in!

Everybody at home is really pleased with him, and we all love his inquisitive and lively behaviour, Rio seems very pleased to have a little play mate which is great and they both are very loving towards all of us.

I would like to thankyou very much once again for raising such a brilliant parrot and if I'm ever after any more beautiful baies to join the flock I will definately come to you.

Thanks again.

Best Wishes

Susan, Rio and Kia.