We have received the following comments about us.

From Dave @ Gt Yarmouth (Norfolk) 5/8/13 Black Capped Conure


I first discovered MKB BIRDS website via the Internet Search.   After looking around on their website I felt it was time to make a phone call and have a chat . After speaking to Muriel & Keith on the phone It became quite clear they knew what they are talking about;  the  service and knowledge was outstanding.   A few weeks later I picked up my blackcap conure (baby ). The baby I purchased was in very good health and condition ,  Muriel & Keith advised me on  the type of cage I would need to home a conure  as well as the type of food and fruits etc .

It's now been 5+ months and I have to say my blackcap (now named Buddy) is well settled in at my home , I am absolutely amazed on how buddy is.   He starts talking to you first thing in the morning when you get up,  likes to spend a lot of time playing and  is very very tame.  A few of my friends have seen Buddy and they are speechless.

In summary I would definitely recommend anybody on purchasing a bird from MKB birds Their knowledge is excellent , Muriel & Keith  are both very friendly people (very genuine), always willing to
listen and share yours and their experiences .  The after Sales service (should you require it ) is also excellent.

I would like to personally say thank you to Muriel & Keith for my wonderful bird & maybe purchase another one in the future ( or 2-3 lol ) .


Kind regards

David in Great Yarmouth .


5 August 2013

From Rafael Viegas Ramos (Norfolk) 11/7/13 Greencheeks

Hello Muriel,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I have found out in the worst ways possible' that the baby died suffocated inside the egg. Yes I heard some chirping but Rosie was always doing similar noises so I was very confused. I didn't number the eggs and so didn't know when exactly each egg was laid and I think this is were the problem was. I always thought the fertile egg was the last egg to hatch and so it would of been suppose to hatch on the 12th. This is a lesson I learnt in the thoughest way.
Rosie has abandon the eggs now and I have removed the nest box and put ozzy back together, they have been playing and helping each other on their second moult :) The good thing about all this is that I found out I have a boy and a girl for sure and that Rosie is a very strong bird! I have to thank you so much and I cannot believe that after so long Rosie is still a bird full of energy, and so much character, Ozzy is the male and unusual the best talker! He loves to repeat everything we say! I'm actually scared of saying something I should not near him as we could then start repeating...
Thanks to you and Keith I have two lovely birds, with great personalities and very strong babies. I felt guilty about what happen to the little baby but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. She is too young and I probably wasn't ready for the baby too. The baby was very healthy and had formed normal for what I saw in other baby conures, there was no pip marks which makes me very confused as he didn't even try to hatch...
Well, I shall now get my babies outside to enjoy this lovely weather, Rosie needs vitamin D to get her feathers colours vibrating again  :) (inside the small cage :))
You have been amazing even after so long, thank you and Keith for everything,
Rafael, Ozzy and Rosie
Take care :)

From Lincoln Henson (Norfolk) 19/7/13 Cockatiel

Hi Muriel

I attach a photo of me and rocky. We're doing great thank you.
You made a tremendous job of hand rearing him, He's great company . And lots of
fun a lovely soppy fella . We love him.
He was certainly worth every minute I
waited .
I will keep you posted with regular photos'

I hope your both
well . And Keith got on well with his scan.

Best wishes

and Jeannette .

From Fiona Gowen (Norfolk) 4/09/12

I just thought i'd send you a bit of an update on little greencheek 17, and

check that you were still ok to look after her over the weekend and next

We've called her Lily, and over the past few weeks, she's settled in really

She learned to step up very quickly, and loves coming out and spending time
with us. She goes mad for the big dried chillies, and is really keen on apples,
grapes and plums too. She's incredibly cuddly and has fallen asleep in my hands
on many occasions. Lily's a really good, super tame little girl, cheeky and
inquisitive. and has adapted to us both pretty quickly. She loves being around
people, and makes a fuss to be let out and handled whenever we're around. We
both love her lots!

The budgies are a little wary of her, but they're like that with
everything. Dave has flown up to her a few times to investigate, she's very good
around them.

She's a credit to you both, and your hand rearing. I would recommend you to
anyone who is thinking of getting a bird.

I think everyone on facebook is sick of seeing pictures of her! I've
attached a few photos (I've taken hundreds!)

Thanks so much for your good work.

all the best,



From Jackie Larkin (West Yorkshire) 15/10/11 Painted Conure

Many thanks for china my painted conure baby.  she is such a sweet heart 
and a joy to own and she is so cheeky i might have to rename her cheeky!!   She 
is a credit to yourselves as she is so sweet and trusting that i would recommend 
your birds to friends and family. She has settled in really well and loves to 
torment the dog!!  Her favorite thing to do at the moment is to wait until the 
dog is asleep and then creep up to him and tweak his ears!!  He jumps and she 
legs it back to me and looks like butter wouldn't melt!!  Poor dog doesn't know 
what has hit him.  She is very interested in my cockatiel but he is showing no 
sign of being interested in her.  When she wants you to stroke behind her neck 
she will nibble your fingers until you give in then if you stop she squeaks 
until you start again!!  Again many many thanks for such a wonderful cheeky bird 
who is sure to carve a huge place in my heart.  if anyone wishes to hear my 
comments first hand Muriel can give you my email and i would be happy to give a 
personal reference for her wonderful birds. jackie west yorkshire

From Mark Stenton (Lincs) 14/8/11 Crimson Bellied Conure

Hi Muriel/Keith,

It was lovely to meet you both today on collecting our 
new family member.

We got Pheonix home safe and sound. She went straight 
in her new cage and found her food, she is sat there now eating apple.
has had a few flights round the living room, landing on every bodies head, and 
just taken things all in her stride.
She is an unbelievable little bird, very 
friendly and playful.  She is a credit to you both.

I will send you a few 
pictures over the coming weeks, so you can see how she getting on.

Many many thanks,

Kind Regards,

Mark, Terasa, Charlie, Sophie & 

From Sam Pavitt (Lincs) 20/6/11 Greencheek

Hope this email finds you both well.

Just wanted to let you know how the little one is getting on. We have Called him 
Herbie. He's settled in very quickly and is getting up to loads of mischief.

He's already learned to step up on the hand which took no time at all. He 
loves to cuddle up and even climbs inside my tracksuit pocket to settle 
Herbie took to his new environment without any problems and is becoming 
a great member to the family.
He is cheeky but very affectionate and has to have his beak in everything you are doing, following us around the flat 
everywhere we go. Flying from one to the other. 

We couldn't ask for a better bird we are so happy with him.  He is a credit to yourselves and we would 
recommend you to anyone that is looking for a feathered friend.

we cant thank you enough.

Best wishes 


From Rob Lamb (Norfolk) 4/6/11 Greencheek

Hi Muriel

Hope you and Keith are well. Just letting you know our little girl is doing
really well, she is such a sweetie and seems happy and settled, she does love
the company and coming out and we are getting into a good routine.

Thanks for all the hard work and care in bringing her up so well, Kate
picked and we wanted to wait for one of your birds for this reason, and thanks
for sending the papers.

All the best

Rob and Kate.

From Julie & Gene Calvert (Kent) 16/05/11 Blue Greencheek

It was lovely to visit you again and see your wonderful birdies.  We got home just before 6pm so we did alright and that included a stop at bishop stalford for dinner.  Ocean, as we have named her, is absolutley fantastic.  she is so friendly and curious.  Her personality is wonderful and she has fitted in quite well, shouting in tune with the others! we got a shock when she jumped into the sink to have a bath when we ran the tap just to rinse a cup.!  you have done and excellent job with the hand rearing as usual.
julie & gene

From Alan Ruane (Sheffield) 27.9.10 African Grey

Well were do we start ?.....firstly with a BIG THANK YOU.......from Donna and myself, Dillon is a little treasure and from leaving your home and driving back to Sheffield he was a perfect well mannered boy. We stopped at a service area on the way back and after locking the car doors and windows we let him out of his cage and he loved being free to sit on Donna's knee and watch the world go by.....we all have a routine and Dillon has fitted in very well he loves all the fuss we make and as you said he is a very clever boy. He flies to Donna and myself when we call his name and he has learned to open his own REWARD BOX every time he does something good....he never stops flying round the house and exploring into everything talk about eating! all that energy he uses he never stops..... yes he chunters and we almost fell off the sofa when he copied a cat call..................only been with us for one week and you would think we had had him years that's down to both of you ........THANK YOU...........PICTURES AS WE ARRANGED .........ENJOY...


From Jess Neumann (Dudley, W.Midlands) 21.7.10 Bluethroated Conure

Hi Muriel:)

The trip home had no problems, he sat in a corner in the box snoozing for most of it and I let him sit on my hand when we stopped. I was a bit worried at how he slept because he didn't want to sit on any perches, just hung on to the side of the cage and slept like that until the morning and this morning he's been sleeping on a perch now and getting used to the cage...of course he already prefers our shoulders if he gets the chance to. He even flew over to the bed twice to be able to sleep on my shoulder instead of his cage. he didn't want any fresh veggies yet but he's found his seeds now and started eating, will buy him some grapes and apple this morning to see if he prefers those to the veggies. He's got used to us quite fast and is so adorable, even learning to "step up" on command already.

Once he's used to us I think he'll let us touch him more, he doesn't like being petted too much yet and keeps testing our fingers with a few nips but I'm sure that's just because he doesn't trust us yet.

Must say though he's so beautiful, we love him already and it was well worth the drive to come and pick him up, so so happy. So far I've only been a bit concerned about how he wanted to sleep but I think he's found his way on the perches now, maybe I'll buy him a bird tent soon. I think today he's still tired and adjusting so it can only get better:)

will keep you posted regularly and send some photos soon as well.

Thanks again so much for all the hard work you both did at raising him,

Take care,


From Debbie Pownall (Oxford) 21.05.08 Brownheaded Parrot

Hi again Mue,

I'll start from when we left you - Meg dozed all the way home and didn't seem fazed at all by the journey. We took her out when we got home and had our first cuddle, Mue she is so adorable and I can't thank you enough for our beautiful little Meg!! The noises she makes for us are so sweet and she loves to be stroked, to the point where if you stop, she will preen you till you start doing it again lol

She loves her cage and it didn't take any amount of time to settle in, her confidence is growing every day, she makes us smile so much! :o)

I will be putting a couple of pictures on bird crazy sometime today if you fancy a peek.

Thanks so much again for our cute, snuggly little girl x


From Dave Simons (Oxford) 06.03.08 Timneh Grey

We are absolutely thrilled with her and can't thank you enough for such a beautiful baby bird. She is just gorgeous and as her name suggests a little Kraka! We will keep you informed on how she goes and her antics. She has so far met Chester the Jardine as some of the others were settling for sleep and covered for the night. We cover them usually as I can be up late either on the pc or the back plays up so I am about and that way it not disturb them at all. If the dog starts to dream a few of them all quietly then call him by name from under their covers to settle him back down, so expect in time Kraka likely to be doing the same! She is just adorable, lovely, amazing and whatever words can think of yourselves along these lines to save me trying to think of them and rambling even more!

From Scott Weir (Glasgow, Scotland) 18.11.07 (Red Masked Conure)

Hi, Thanks for the pics, they are fantastic. She is still settling in, but had her out this morning with our little Sun Conure. I attached a couple of pictures. By the looks of things Phoenix is very gentle with her and no signs of aggression which is brilliant. Nicole and I are extremely happy with her, you have done a fine job as she is the most gentle, docile baby bird I have ever handled.

Will let you know how things are progressing with our little Angel.

Thanks Again


From Tracey Lee (Leicester) 12.11.07 (african grey)

Well I got home ok - Tommy was an absolute delight in the car. Kept telling him he was a good boy.

When I got home I put him straight into the cage - I kept going up to the cage like you said and talking to him. He climbed over to me and I couldn't resist it, I got him out for a cuddle and he put his neck down for me to tickle his neck and head........OMG he is just sooooooooo lovely

Once again - thank you for doing such a wonderful job and being there over the past few weeks.

Tracey x

From Alicia Parker (Lincolnshire) 26.08.07 (cockatiel)

I thought I would send you some pics of Sunny . He has settled in very well as you can see from the pics. He is wonderful. I am very very pleased with him and thank you for handrearing him. Your birds are that good I would recommend anyone who want a pet bird to come to you. I shall keep you informed on his progress.

love Alicia and Sunny 

From Lynn Howarth (Yorkshire) 16.06.07

Hello Muriel

Its Lynn here who came a long way to buy a maroon bellied conure - just to let you know she is certainly a she and loves my husband to bits but also loves me she can talk now and says peter she is a very happy little bird and we love her to bits.


From Paula Turner 05.03.07 (Timneh)

Oh Muriel, he is absolutely amazing.... everything I wanted and more... we all adore him, I cannot believe how wonderful he is.

You have done an excellent job with him, he is so easy going and has just slotted straight into the house.

It all started in the car... he let me know twice that he wanted to come out for a nosey, So I trusted him and got him out, he was fascinated by the cars and lights and rain drops and wind screen wipers, he was the perfect angel.

When we got him home the girls and my mum were waiting for us, so they all had a hold (again he was unfazed and actually seemed very amused).

So we popped him in his cage and he found his way around and played with each toy and threw a bit of seed around... and gave me a few heart attacks with his lack of grace at the top of the cage.

He was out again last night and popped in to the bath room to see the girls in the bath.

had his cuddles on the sofa, back in his cage for 8pm, he had quite a bit of seed and a good few drinks of water... ignored his fruit!! we dimmed the lights at 8.30.

He saw the cats and the dog through the cage and was curious but not scared.

All in bed for 9pm... a long day.

This morning I found him right at the top of his cage, asleep at the top of his bungy, he flew for the first time this morning...seems to have taken a liking to little gracie and kept flying on to her head... much to her amusement.

He flew to the table for breakfast with the kids and took great pleasure in throwing their colouring pencils onto the floor one by one!!! the kids were creased over laughing... and he was more than happy to please the crowd!!

he had his first shower in the bath room this morning and seemed to really love that and he is back in his cage drying off.

WOW what a lovely little chap he is... cannot thank you enough.

A very happy Paula and Family.

From Mike Hammett 25.02.07 (senegal)

Hello Muriel and Keith,

Just thought we would drop you a line and let you know how things are going.

He has spells where he favours either me or Tracey, during the week was Tracey's time, but over this weekend seems to be favouring me again, to such an extent that whilst watching the rugby with me, he got bored, tucked his beak into his wing feathers and went to sleep.

I registered with the avian vets in Sudbury on Friday and booked an appointment for yesterday morning with the specialist avian vet. He was very impressed with Barney, both in his condition and with how tame he is, the vet said that you were to be commended, but we knew that anyway!


Mike, Tracey & Barney

From Donna 23.02.07 (Greencheeked Conure)

Hi Muriel

Just to say all is going so well with my baby boy, its the best thing I ever did, making that trip to you.. he's a darling. I love him to bits!

hope this finds you both well


From Linda 21.08.06 (rescued cockatiel)

Thank you so very much for your lovely e-mail. 21.08.06 (rescued cockatiel).
Im so pleased Chico is okay and settling in. I must admit copious tears have been shed! I miss him so very much. However, I am so pleased that I brought him to you because I cannot think of two more lovely people to care for him. Your devotion and love for your birds shines through.I know he will be happy and enjoy his life with you.

I will stay in touch with you if that is okay as I would like to know how Chico is getting along, and Im especially looking forward to him finding Mrs Chico!

Once again, thank you so much for your kindness and help.

Linda X

From: Susan Hultquist 07.03.06 (pearly conure)

Hi Muriel,

Hope everything is ok for you and all your parrots. Kia has settled in very well and is truly a brilliant little parrot with his own cheeky personality. He and Rio are getting on really well and love sitting with one another preening and cuddling up. They haven't had any more scruffs and everything is fine. They both are still very lovely and tame and as well as Rio getting lots of cuddles from Kia we also get to cuddle up with him on the sofa and give him a tickle behind the ears. He is eating well and is also enjoying the new food although i am still mixing in the food you provided but just reducing the quantity each time.

He enjoys his fruit and veg every day, and absolutely loves grapes! He also gets treats such as millet, monkey nuts and treat sticks which Rio also absolutely adores and probably couldn't be without.

They are always out and about flying around, and like you said Kia follows Rio everywhere she flies although he flies to us as well when Rio does and also on his own on occasions. He has also learnt to step up, which he learnt really quickly and is very happy to come everywhere on your shoulder or head, as well as Rio is.

Kia has also moved into his bigger cage now and is fine although he's only in it at night to go to bed.

He is also starting to make different noises now rather than his baby one although it is very sweet but i think he's found his louder voice and when Rio starts sqauking at the top of her voice, kia also joins in!

Everybody at home is really pleased with him, and we all love his inquisitive and lively behaviour, Rio seems very pleased to have a little play mate which is great and they both are very loving towards all of us.

I would like to thankyou very much once again for raising such a brilliant parrot and if I'm ever after any more beautiful baies to join the flock I will definately come to you.

Thanks again.

Best Wishes

Susan, Rio and Kia.

From: Mark D'Ardenne 27.01.06 (Senegal)

Hi Mue,

Well its no more than you and Keith deserve! All your parrots are amazing and so well looked after. Its not just the quality of the babies you should be proud of, but the fact that a lot of the pairs are rescue birds and they are all fantastic characters as well. I'm sure that can only be achieved with patience and love, things you and Keith evidently give them in abundance ;).

I've been showing all my friends the photos of Banzai, they all think he's gorgeous! I can't think about anything else....I think I'm becoming obsessed!


From: Ann, Mick & Laura Grapes 21.08.05 (A/Grey)

Hello Muriel and Keith,

Just thought I'd give you an up date on Jasper's progress, he has settled down into his new cage really well, and is eating and drinking lots! He has nearly demolished a treat bar, so I've taken it out as he seemed to like it better than his nut mix etc. We let him settle in his new home on Friday,and he was playing with all his toys, he didn't venture too far off his top perch, but was brave when we were out of the room. Today we got him out for a stretch of his wings etc., and he loved it, we all handle him and he is freely getting on all of our hands now, and he doesn't bite!!!

We are very grateful to you for all your help etc., and thanks for letting us visit him when you were rearing him, i expect you still have your hands full rearing the next batch!

I will send you photo's via the Internet (when I get Laura to show me!) as I've not done it before, anyway once again many thanks, we are so pleased with him words can't say!

With Best Wishes,

Ann, Mick and Laura.

From: Tony Fordham 06.03.2005 (Senegal)

Hello Muriel,

Just a quick note to thank you for everything. ' Bo' has settled down brilliantly, sleeping from 20.00 until 8.o'clock the following morning also eating us out of house and home. My grandchildren love him. The bird has taken to one child in particular, and was reluctant to leave her hand. Once again Muriel, thanks very much and I will certainly recommend you to any person requiring a parrot.

Kindest regards,

Tony Fordham.

From: Stewart Shillito 11.10.2004 (Amazon)

Hi Muriel

Just to let you know Toby is doing really well, very tame and seems to adore me, this time i appear to be his favourite which is great. Frodo is still grumpy with me....

He is growing so well, has put some weight on and filled out. He is out of the cage from 5pm each evening (with frodo) until 9.00pm and now their settled with the routine they are really enjoying the freedom.

A couple of pics for you, once again a lovely bird, exactly as expected. I just want to thank you and your husband for raising him he's a credit to both of you.

Hope you like the pics


Stewart Shillito

From: Eleigh Brewer 11.09.2004 (Timneh)

Subject: Home at last

we're home at last, Mav is just out on top of his carrier, being messy with millet! hes very good he went to the edge of our bed to have a pooh off the edge, at least that's a good start. Thank you again for being so kind and helpful. The service was amazing, and we all agree that you both are some of the nicest people we've every met. will email you soon on mav's progress hopefully with pictures.

Best regards

Eleigh, Luke and Mav