General information on the birds are shown below. For additional information about specific species then use the sub-menu items under the "Bird Information/Photo" menu.


Many conures are wrongly accused of being "noisy". The smaller pyrrhura group of conures (e.g. greencheek, maroon-belly, pearly, painted, crimson bellied, blue throated) are a very quiet group. They can & will learn to speak a few words in a quiet voice. The larger aratinga (e.g. sun, jendaya, blue crowned, red masked) group of conures can be noisy & are not recommended for owners living in flats or having "sensitive" neighbours.

Teflon Coates Pans

Please be aware that using non-stick pans in the kitchen is dangerous to birds. If the birds are kept in the kitchen it is recommended to use stainless steel cookware. When a teflon-coated pan (particularly frying pan) overheats it gives off a gas that is poisonous to birds & this gas has been known to KILL.


Birds are very sensitive to passive smoking which can seriously damage their airsacs. A bird in a room used by smokers will probably have a much shorter life span. Also the smoke affects their plumage, causing dull lifeless feathers which depresses the bird, extra plume-spraying is needed to help counteract this.