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We are Muriel and Keith Barnes and live near Norwich, Norfolk, U.K.

We have kept birds for approx 30 years. Our cuddly tame baby birds are hand-reared (spoon-fed) in our home, with lots of tender loving care, from just a few days old. In some circumstances (emergency only!) the babies are hand reared from the egg and do not have any fear of humans. Most of our breeding pairs are the result of rescuing birds "in need" over the last 20 years. In most cases we keep only the one pair of each specie. Some of the chicks are hand-reared & sold in order to pay the upkeep of everyone.

Please note that we cannot take in any more rescue birds at the moment. Also we do not accommodate birds for holiday boarding.

All our birds are closed rung and come with a small bag food (if required), Hatch Certificate, Vets Reference & Info/Diet Sheet.  I will e-mail photos of baby to new owners occasionally so they can follow their bird's progress. We are always available for any "after sales" questions/information.

The following is a selection of our babies, please contact us (details below) for availability, as different species have different breeding seasons & some don't produce babies every season.

  • Blue Cinnamon Greencheeked Conures
  • Cinnamon Greencheeked Conures
  • Crimson Bellied Conures
  • Pineapple Greencheeked Conures
  • Black Capped Conures
  • Blue Yellowsided Greencheeked Conures
  • Cockatiels

If you wish to find out more about the different species then click on Bird Information.

Click on Price List to view our current prices.

If you would like to contact us, either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone on 01953 455444.Please Note: Messages can be left but ONLY landline numbers will be replied to.

A special heartfelt thanks to Steve Davis & Chris Iles, without whose help this website would not exist!!

29 June 2013

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Baby blue yellowsided conures are now being hand-reared.  They are only 2 weeks old as yet so won't be weaned & ready to leave for approx another 6 weeks.  They will be C/R and come with the usual paperwork (Hatch Cert - Info/Diet Sheet - my Vet's Ref) and be very tame & friendly.  Anyone interested in these pretty conures please get in touch.  A small deposit secures baby for new owner.  I will e-mail photos of baby's progress until weaned and ready for collection. .....  £175 ea.

Information / Price List

All the baby birds we sell have been bred by us in our own aviaries and are hand-reared (spoon-fed) using kaytee formula + human baby fruit foods. They are all closed rung (identifiable) and come with their own Hatch Certificate & Information/Diet sheet.

They will be very tame and friendly when they are weaned & ready to go and are guaranteed healthy when they leave us.

We offer support to new owners for as long as they need our help, we are always available via e-mail or phone.

If you choose to buy from us then you will receive, via e-mail, regular updates of your baby bird's progress. Unfortunately, due to a number of people saying that they wanted a baby bird and then changing their mind at the last moment, we require a small non-refundable deposit of £25. 

DNA blood sexing available at £15 per bird..

For the availability of baby birds then click on this link or use the above menu (For Sale -> Baby Birds). Every so often we have aviary birds available, which can be seen at the following link or use the above menu (For Sale -> Aviary Birds).

Current price list (as at May 2016) for hand-reared babies is as follows:

Breed  Price 
Crimson Bellied Conure  £295
Pineapple Conure £195
Blue Yellowsided Conure £175
Black Capped Conure £175
Blue cinnamon Conure £175
Cinnamon Greencheeked Conure £175
Cockatiels (normal colour mutations) £85
Cockatiels (whitefaced mutations) £95

Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrot (Poicephalus Senegalus)

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The Senegal Parrot originates from Western Africa - in 3 subspecies.


Feed good quality parrot mix (with dried fruit included), supplemented with extra peanuts, pinenuts, peppers, hemp and safflower but note that hemp is very fattening and should only be given in small quantities. Fresh fruit should be offered daily, grapes, apple, orange, pear, pomegranate and banana are readily taken, but most birds have their preferences. Fresh green food, i.e. chickweed, lettuce, celery, dandelion and sowthistle are all beneficial for them. Also, as a treat, offer millet sprays, various nuts including walnut, almond, brazil etc. (shells cracked but not completely removed). Cuttlefish, mineral block, grit and shell should always be available to them. Give fresh water daily. Cubed carrot and sweetcorn (fresh or tinned - drained) should be offered regularly as a source of vitamin A which they need. As a general tonic, a little Nutrobal or Avimix sprinkled on their fruit twice a week is beneficial.

NOTE: DO NOT OFFER:- CHOCOLATE, ALCOHOL or AVOCADO PEAR as these are poisonous to parrots.


A cage large enough for the bird to exercise it's wings should be provided, but it will expect to be out of it's cage most of the time! Perches should be of natural wood, i.e. willow or apple, if possible, as this keeps the feet and claws healthy. A small dish (large ash-tray size) of water should be offered daily for the bird to bathe in as they love water.

Talking Ability

Senegals are capable of talking although probably only a few words. They tend to learn from a woman's voice easiest as the pitch is higher than a man's. Repeat words slowly and often when there are no other distractions and your bird should learn quite quickly.